This time Paul Selecting Spain

In previous news I’ve written that in 2010 world cup this time, Paul predicts the Netherlands came out as winners. However, since the news of Paul’s prophecy longer warm-warm, then a lot of photos and news circulating on the Internet is not yet clear.

Paul predicted the outcome of the game Holland vs. Spain in World Cup 2010

This time, I have got the assurance that the octopus Paul choose the box containing the flag of Spain. As in previous forecasts, which Paul chose the box rather than the flag German flag Spanish.

No such action before, this time Paul chose the Spanish box within three minutes, which at other games require a long time he is around 70 minutes before determining his choice.

“Very fast. It seems clear that the victory is for Spain,” said a spokesman for Sea Life Centre, which is home to Paul.

Truth predictions of octopus Paul has been proven 90%, the rest of his life he had only once experienced a failure when the fortune-telling.

Even so, this fact could be a little relief to the Netherlands. In the European Cup final in 2008, Paul chose Germany. In fact, it was Spain who won the title.

In addition to predicting the results of the Spanish-Dutch game, Paul also predicted the winner of the match-Urugay Germany, and he chose the German flag.


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