The asteroid will be Hit the Earth

Meteor crater in Arizona created by powerful asteroid collision. In addition to asteroids, comets are more difficult to estimate and could also threaten the Earth.

An asteroid will indeed hit the earth. Even ten of them the size of a refrigerator that passed the atmosphere each year.

The asteroid will be Hit Earth

Most the asteroid burned on the way in, and about two-thirds of the remaining (or pieces thereof) falling into the sea because of our planet about two-thirds of the ocean.

Many small stones fell to the earth’s surface regularly and interestingly, about a rock from Mars arriving on earth every month.

Some of these extraterrestrial rocks down to earth, but few have caused damage. Meteor Crater in Arizona is an exception, but it happened 50,000 years ago.

Occasionally pieces of rock from outer space through the roof of the house. There are no credible reports there was a dead hit. A horse is said to have died in Ohio struck down, but it happened in 1860.

And large size akhirnyaada asteroid crashed into earth. But no, the asteroid that could destroy the continent at least in the near future.

Indeed there is one medium-sized rock called Apophis which has a small chance of hitting Earth in 2036. These stones can be disastrous in some areas.

But astronomers continue to monitor and if observations find there really is going to hit, scientists believe they can find a way to deflect.

And if all else fails, some futurists suggest, humans to establish colonies elsewhere.

A more real concern, is to come from comets. Asteroids orbiting in a neat line between Mars and Jupiter and is relatively easy to find.

While hiding in the outskirts of distant comets from the solar system. When I was in the path of a comet hitting the earth will be realized by the new human.



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