Paul offered 30 Thousand Euros

The name ‘Paul’ the octopus forecasters increasingly skyrocketed. After successfully predicted the victory of Spain over Germany, he now re-forecast results for 2010 World Cup finals matches.

Because the prediction of Paul who rarely misses, lots of parties competing to have it. In fact, some employers had offered a price of 30 thousand euros.
Carballino mayor, Carlos Montes, revealed that there had been some local businessmen in Germany that tried to buy Paul a price of 10 thousand euros. But not long after that, other entrepreneurs to come with a higher bid and reached 30 thousand euros.
Paul prediction accuracy reaches 99%, no wonder many people who intend to have it. Moreover, if the prediction in the final game will be true, is it not possible that this octopus tender offer will soar well above 30 thousand euros


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  1. Paul offered 30 Thousand Euros…

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