iPhone Back Got Complaints

After receiving numerous complaints from its users, this time the iPhone four reportedly exploded in the hands of their owners.

It exploded when iPhone users connect to the computer using the USB cable from apple. and this is the first time a complaint is received by the AT & T as a partner of Apple. Because after the review, apparently the damage was not caused by the user, but the USB port connection was broken from the inside.

Such previous complaints, the screen is speckled yellow, the body smartphone that easily scratched, the antenna function is not working well, and the failure of the sensor is too sensitive.

No single party expected this incident, and unfortunately every time the iPod or iPhone has just been released, there must be one or two such devices on fire report.

Expectations of users, of course hoping that apple logo company immediately fix all their products so that no one was harmed.

Reference: detik.com


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