Exchange of Spies-Russian Russia 10, U.S. Only Four?

United States Vice President Joe Biden denied the accusation that the U.S. simply succumb to the Russians in an exchange of spies who were arrested two countries. In exchange program’s biggest spy since the cold war, the U.S. just to get back four spies, while the Russians get back 10 people.

Joe Biden

“We got back the four fine,” Biden countered in the late-night talk show program on U.S. television sebutah entitled “The Tonight Show,” midnight Friday or Saturday (07/10/2010) this morning.

In the popular talk show that often attend important sources of U.S. persons, the interviewer, Jay Leno, has been sued since the beginning of what he called the unfairness in the exchange program was a spy.

According to Leno, exchange of four people with 10 people it is something that is not fair. However, Biden said, the U.S. did not get the treatment that was not honest from the Russian.

According to Biden, the four spies were returned by the Russians was a good people. The 10 people who returned the U.S. to Russia’s long-entrenched in the U.S.. “But they’re not much to do (something meaningful for spying),” he added.

Leno then showed photos hot Russian agent Anna Chapman. “Are we agents of this hot?” asked Leno.

Biden then responded with a very serious tone. “I need to straighten. That was not my idea to send him back.” U.S. vice president also said that he got a lot of suggestions in the program. “I think they’ve taken Limbaughm Rush,” he said.

Exchange programs-Russian agent was carried out on Friday morning local time at the Airport Tarmac, Vienna, Switzerland.

First appearance

Events Tonight Show This is Biden’s first appearance since elected as a Vice President in January 2009. Earlier, Biden has repeatedly appeared on the show. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, also a Senior Advisor to the White House, David Axelroad, also appeared at the event which took place late at night.

Since the beginning, immediately stabbed Leno sued Biden with questions about the injustice of the exchange program was a spy.



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