Exchange of Spies-Russian Russia 10, U.S. Only Four?

United States Vice President Joe Biden denied the accusation that the U.S. simply succumb to the Russians in an exchange of spies who were arrested two countries. In exchange program’s biggest spy since the cold war, the U.S. just to get back four spies, while the Russians get back 10 people.

Joe Biden

“We got back the four fine,” Biden countered in the late-night talk show program on U.S. television sebutah entitled “The Tonight Show,” midnight Friday or Saturday (07/10/2010) this morning. Lanjutkan membaca


Paul offered 30 Thousand Euros

The name ‘Paul’ the octopus forecasters increasingly skyrocketed. After successfully predicted the victory of Spain over Germany, he now re-forecast results for 2010 World Cup finals matches.

Because the prediction of Paul who rarely misses, lots of parties competing to have it. In fact, some employers had offered a price of 30 thousand euros. Lanjutkan membaca

15 Tahun Lagi Indonesia Berlenggak ke Piala Dunia

Demam piala dunia tidak hanya dirasakan oleh negara-negara yang ikut berpartisipasi dalam ajang sekali empat tahun ini.

Andi Mallarangeng

Namun, banyak dari masyarakat Indonesia yang juga terserang demam bahkan rela menyeberang benua untuk menonton piala dunia di Afrika Selatan dan mendukung negara yang mereka jagokan.

Lantas kapan negara kita, Indonesia, bermain dalam liga besar ini?
Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga Andi Mallarangeng mengaku optimis bakwa Indonesia akan segera melaju dalam ajang sepakbola piala dunia. Karena Indonesia memiliki sumber daya yang kuat. Lanjutkan membaca

iPhone Back Got Complaints

After receiving numerous complaints from its users, this time the iPhone four reportedly exploded in the hands of their owners.

It exploded when iPhone users connect to the computer using the USB cable from apple. and this is the first time a complaint is received by the AT & T as a partner of Apple. Because after the review, apparently the damage was not caused by the user, but the USB port connection was broken from the inside.

Such previous complaints, the screen is speckled yellow, the body smartphone that easily scratched, the antenna function is not working well, and the failure of the sensor is too sensitive. Lanjutkan membaca

The asteroid will be Hit the Earth

Meteor crater in Arizona created by powerful asteroid collision. In addition to asteroids, comets are more difficult to estimate and could also threaten the Earth.

An asteroid will indeed hit the earth. Even ten of them the size of a refrigerator that passed the atmosphere each year.

The asteroid will be Hit Earth

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This time Paul Selecting Spain

In previous news I’ve written that in 2010 world cup this time, Paul predicts the Netherlands came out as winners. However, since the news of Paul’s prophecy longer warm-warm, then a lot of photos and news circulating on the Internet is not yet clear.

Paul predicted the outcome of the game Holland vs. Spain in World Cup 2010

This time, I have got the assurance that the octopus Paul choose the box containing the flag of Spain. As in previous forecasts, which Paul chose the box rather than the flag German flag Spanish.

No such action before, this time Paul chose the Spanish box within three minutes, which at other games require a long time he is around 70 minutes before determining his choice. Lanjutkan membaca

Dangerous, Water Quotas on Earth Down!!!!

Satellite photo of a lake in Central Asia are staggering, showing how human actions have an impact on the world’s total water supply.

Laut Aral

Taken about 40 years ago, the photo shows the drought in several regions throughout the world caused by the human need for water continues to rise.

Shocking condition also occurs in the Aral Sea region in Central Asia.

Changes in the amount of water has reached an alarming level. In fact, last April, Sea conditions.

Aral described as ‘one of the worst environmental disasters in the world’ by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. Lanjutkan membaca